A Full Chest

Words and images
preserved between
of news
papers, remain
safely locked away
in the corner
of her childhood attic.

Returning years later
to a familiar but
renovated house,
she recovers
the skeleton key
to a chest full
of primal stirrings,
two large rusty

hinges and raises
the lid of a chest
sealed shut for decades.

Veiled expressions
once etched and printed
on non-archival papers
slowly resurface—many
fragile to the touch,
a bit blurry, black-and-blue,
or just plain

But once fully awakened
these faces erupting
into the light begin
fantasizing how to transform
into some tangible display
of living color.

 1029 Unlocking the Hope Chest





Closed Book

The drama, now past tense
The book and its author, shelved

Collecting dust, never to be reopened

Except perhaps in old age
When one seems to feel the need
To reread the chapters of one’s life

With a corrective lens;
And overhead lamp
For viewing life
In a different light


 1057 Rereading the Chapters of Ones Life





Coming Undone

Floating in space
without your touch
to help keep us grounded;
we’re like balls of yarn

once neatly wound
now coming undone,
all tangled up in knots;
strands of thread
frayed at the edges
unraveling in all directions;
You created quite a mess
the day you agreed
to drop out
of the human race.


 1013 Unraveling Chaos